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© Daniel Taragownik

Yaniv Tal

Is a phenomenon, a magician, a good friend. Because of his enormous feeling for his audience each of his gigs let the crowd go wild and freak out on the dancefloor. The “Plattenbank” founder makes every night special by shaping it with his style and his skills. Yaniv is a born DJ, and part of Technophilia and VeleBeat just like the sea and the bass.
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© D. Ludvig

Damir Ludvig

He is an exceptional man and experienced artist who longs to create compositions of life, music and love with every set he plays. Due to his enormous feeling for the sound and the crowd he constantly hits the spot and lets the dancefloor bounce. He played in clubs all around the world, and calling him a VeleBeater is an honor.
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© Daniel Taragownik

Oliver Dust

began to discover the crossover-genre in 1995 as a drummer. He was inspired by bands like Rage Against The Machine, H-Blockx, and so on. At the same time he fell in love with the electronic sound of legendary club Omen. He lets those two worlds melt together like no other DJ, and plays all the styles like TripHop, BigBeat, Techno, and lounge.
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© Timothy Hora

Timothy Hora

Before discovered his love to electronic music Timothy Hora was a media designer. His first steps were those of a VJ and a Booker, he this personified talent decided to become a DJ himself. The founder of Berlin Underground prefers Techno and Dark Techno, but his skills and his feeling for every sound allow him to play each genre the dancers want to hear.
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© Sebastian Lechner

Sebastian Lechner

About ten years ago Sebastian Lechner started music career in collaboration with his brother - today, he performs on the most hype electronic music stages. Born in Prien am Chiemsee, near Munich, Sebastian made first himself known in Germany as „DJ Brad-Inox“. Soon he plyed aside big names (Extrawelt, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Oliver Koletzki, Mike Väth, Oliver Huntemann, Robert Babicz, Alma Gold, Sascha Braemer etc.) and festivals ("ECHELON Open Air & Indoor Festival", "LOVE-PARADE Club Tour", "Push Electronic Musik Festival", etc.). In 2013 Sebastian established his own record label “Eichunder”. As next he produced specially for ADE’s 2015 and 2016 Samplers “Home Boy” and “Shaker Plan”, released at Blue Dye Records.
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© Marius von Bentzel

Marius von Bentzel

Marius was born on the 04.12.1986 at Prien an Chiemsee. He discovered his passion for electronic music in the age of 17. At the age of 18 years he already hung up on events in Salzburg and Germany. This extraordinary artist ist ne high flying newcomer and full of energy and talent. He offers all electronic genres, from Techno, Tech-House, Deep and Raw Techno and Deep Minimal etc. At every gig he proved over and over how deep in touch he is with his crowd. Great to have you on board my friend!
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© Magnus Johanson

Magnus Johanson

is a globetrotting DJ who finally found his way to Munich, where he enriched the local nightlife with his sound. He made the Technophilia-crowd and the guests of numerous other parties go wild with his precision and his sense for the beat. He also created his own Radio show Ignite Dance Sessions. No one will recognize that this great musician only hears on his right ear, and we’re proud to have him with us.
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© Klaus Städtler

Nasty Deluxe

DJ and producer Kristijan Nestoroski aka Nasty Deluxe (City of Drums) was born in the city of Landshut. Patrick Botterau aka DJ Captain Funk becomes his patron and mentor. He saw his talent and shaped his skills. Soon he played with producers and DJs like David Morales, Paul Oakenfold, Tom Novy, Milk & Sugar, Tomcraft and many more. His weekly radio show is on 97.0 Super Radio Ohrid FM (Music for the Soul). His second release with remixes from M-Sol Records / Skopje / Macedonia (Marga Sol) and Feinmechanic Records / Berlin Germany (Sebastian Morgentau) will be published in 2018.
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© Tobias Eckhardt

Tobias Eckhardt

lives in Munich and he needs the music like the fish his water. For more than a quarter of a century, he visits clubs all over the world, absorbing the thousands of sets, played by thousands of DJs. Throughout this time, Tobi developed a fine feeling for details, and decided to take over the controls himself. His first steps in public lead him right to the booth of the most famous afterhour clubs in Munich. We look forward to your first (of many) VeleBeat performances. Welcome!
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© Alexandros Baboulis

Alexandros Baboulis

Because of his multitude styles he uses to make every gig unique Alexandros established himself really fast in the nightlife all over the world. A lot of initiative and endurance lead to numerous big bookings just like Kater Blau, Ritter Butzge, Harry Klein and a lot more. With Tabula Records and Nowhere People there’s so much to come. We wait for it my friend!
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© Enda Gallagher

Enda Gallagher

Enda’s first contact with electronic music took place in the early 90ies. He found out really fast how to utilize a mixer as an instrument to let the dancefloor of the clubs in and around Dublin tremble. After moving to Munich he made himself a name and plays now in the biggest clubs just like Harry Klein, Palais, Pimpernel, and parties like Technophilia. Fine skills – fine guy.
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© Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer

was infected by the electronic virus in the 90s. By the end of that decade he decided to spin the vinyl himself. Gigs in the legendary Lok or as a Submovers DJ in Munich followed soon. This exceptional artist longs to be a step ahead by combining different styles and genres. Chess an him are Meet & Greet and form a substantial part of Munich nightlife. Thanx for being with us my friend.
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© Glenn Louis

Glenn Louis

is a DJ, a live-act, and a producer. Electronic music with all is diversities fascinates him in all its colors. No matter where he played, each gig is matchless and each set a masterpiece. Improvisation and the felling for his crowd are his biggest talents, and he really hits the spot each time. Great to have you with us.
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© F. Friedel

Flo Friedel

Autark started 2012 in small bars in Munich and started as a duo. For quite some time from the team was a solo project – one man mixes now. Autark is part of a DJ collective (Friends of Museek) and among others repeatedly in the party series (Escon) on the line-up. The music selection is a melodic and harmonious mix and goes towards deep techno.
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© Sandra Gold 1

Sandra Gold

follows her passion for electronic music for 25 years now. Her standard is to give 100% and those are her words: “who stops improving stops being good”. She lets her crowd smile each time with her own definition of electronic dance music. Her vocation is the sound, and her skillfulness made her win the Nightlife Award 2014 in the category DJ House/Techno. Great to have you on board my dear.
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